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Applying The Principles: Management Practices...

The Practice of Top-down and Bottom-up Management, where the Objectives & Targets are cascaded from the top and the Actions are identified and driven from the Bottom-up; are the first steps of a process called Policy Deployment.

The Other Steps Are:

  • Negotiation & Agreement Across-Organization

  • Deployment of Action

  • Measurement and Analysis of Performance

  • Management Review on All Levels

The purpose of Policy Deployment is to identify, deploy and review Actions to reduce the gap between Actual & Targeted Performance.

Policy Deployment

How should Objectives and Targets be managed?

~ Balanced Scorecard ~

Many organizations have adopted the Balanced Scorecard concept to address:

1. Objective and Target Settings

2. Measurement & Analysis of Performance

3. Review of Result

The Balanced Scorecard Report shows how Targets are achieved and allows Management to Review Performance and Make Decisions from Four Different Business Perspectives, namely:

Financial Perspective

Internal/Process Perspective

Innovation/Learning Perspective

Customer Satisfaction Perspective

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Profit-Ability Management Principles......

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