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What We Do...

We take pride in our ability to operate outside of conventional coach, consultant, trainer stereotypes. We provide support and assistance at the level that each job, implementation, or task requires to fulfill our responsibilities to the work, and complete all of the changes that are required. We are unique in our approach because we do not only change systems, structures, or strategies--we also provide your people with all of the tools, compassion, understanding, and direction needed to fulfill and individually comply with newly implemented conditions or constraints.

We Fish, And We Teach People to Fish for Themselves...
"Catch a fish for a man & he can eat for a day, teach him to fish & he can eat for a lifetime..." UNKNOWN

Profitable management of change is a skill that can be learned and practiced by every employee. It will be learned and developed if those skills are properly rewarded in a timely manner. It will become an extrinsic as well as intrinsic part of your company culture if/when management understands how the freedom, independence and interdependance derived from a proven framework (ESM™) can become a reward of its own--for everyone by improving the quality of life on a number of levels. We find the best way to get into this work with employees is to get into the trenches with them, do the "magic" to show them how much change and improvement is really possible, provide a framework for eliminating old habits and developing new habits, then provide training and coaching as needed to build the momentum where it is needed---in the hearts & minds of your employees!

We learn what the work is by doing the work ourselves whenever necessary. Because we are not employees and because we do this often, we are able to quickly discover the root causes of:

1 What keeps the work from flowing;

1 Where the stops or vagueness exits:

1 In Procedures
1 Customer Specifications
1 Employee Comprehension
1 Management Comprehension
Detailed Product/Service Specifications

And we rapidly document our findings!

After a thorough review/investigation of the detail, we:

1 Quantify the cost-benefits of our recommendations, then

1 Deliver our recommendations for management approval. Once approved, we

1 Test each new process ourselves,
Test the ramifications of making each change--then
1 Document the way the job should be done. Finally, we

1 Train/coach/support the employees responsible for the changed functions,

1 Help the employees fine tune the related processes and procedures...

1 And when employed to do so, provide a framework (ESM™) in which

1 Employees develop the same skill set that we bring to the work.

This approach allows each person to succeed and excel in the work when the next set of changing constraints requires a change or modification of the process.

What You Will Gain Using MCTS Strategies...

1 Cost/Defects/Waste go down;

1 Productivity/Quality/Morale go up;

1 Customers brag about your innovative methods, products, and services;

1 In your daily work-environment, people go beyond "What’s in it for me?" and instead ask "How can I help?;"

1 When a process or system change is needed, comprehensive pre-tested interventions are quickly implemented;

1 Your Personnel Management Systems fairly define, measure, reward, and encourage correct actions for your entire workforce;

1 Overhead rapidly goes down because the right tasks are done in the right way; at the right time; for the right people!


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