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Reclaim Lost Dollars…

The future of every business is born out of today's ability to make and keep a promise. Knowing what you have available-to-promise when the customer calls is what determines your future in your markets.

The skill, ability and precision utilized by each employee or out-source to complete and deliver specific products or services directly controls what your company has available-to-promise.

If You Had A Way To:

1. Measure each employee's performance;
2. Improve his/her ability to make and keep promises;
3. Improve the quality of methods, products and services; and
4. Extract repeatedly lost dollars from your current operations.

You could immediately re-invest those hard dollars in strategies that better secure the future of your business. Well we do have ways to do just that.

And we would like to talk with you further about our services.

For a flat rate, we can provide an organizational audit designed to evaluate and identify problems that are limiting the effectiveness of your internal operations in several specific areas. This detailed assessment can then be looked at to determine what interventions would be the most cost-effective to implement when you decide that you want to go further.

When you decide to put our skills to work in your company, we define a strategy that best addresses the problem or set of problems that you seek to resolve. From this we develop a proposal that includes ways to measure both the effectiveness of our actions, and key milestones used to assure you that your investment is providing the return you expect.

Generally, each proposal includes a base-cost of the project that must be advanced to MCTS before we begin. This retainer funds the setup and delivery of services required for the project. In addition to the retainer, we define an additional bonus that is derived from the actual gains, in dollars, that are saved due to our interventions after the project is completed.

For example, let's say there are problems in the shipping department. Prior to beginning our project, it is determined by your finance department that the cost of operations in the shipping area runs at about $25,000 per month. Let's also say that we propose a one-month project designed to solve the key problems that affect the cost of Shipping's operations.

Assume our proposal required a $5,000 retainer to cover our expenses and services for the duration of the project. At the end of that first month let's say the cost of operations goes down to $23,000 per month. In the second month, it goes to $22,000. And in the third month the cost of operations stabilizes at $20,000 per month. The net gain over the three month period would be $2,000 + $3,000 + $5,000 = $10,000 in total.

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