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We want to know how to serve you better. Through the development of additional eBooks, Video Downloads, and Direct Interactive Problem Solving Methods, we hope to do just that. But to do this we need information from you! Fill out our survey or send us an email so we can get directly involved in what you need & how best to provide answers:
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On-Going Phone-Based Support Services…

Our Phone-Based (Quick-Fix) Support Services can provide a low-cost way to solve some of your immediate employee management problems. Over the past few months we have spoken with many people in local companies throughout the Denver area. Clearly there is a need in many companies, to increase what we call “Profit-Ability” using some form of continual improvement strategy.

The common lament I hear from so many is nearly the same:

“We have no budget right now for making improvements.”
“We have limited resources right now and too much to do.”
“We tried using a consultant in the past. It failed miserably.”

We want you to see for yourself how valuable our products and services can be. We are innovative in our delivery of services. We have cost-effective solutions that work now and for years to come--and here is one of the ways we want to prove it to you:

1 We offer Quick-Fix Support Services for companies who have problems, but do not--as yet, have a budget for traditional consulting services.

1 This Quick-Fix Support Service does not replace our full services, but it is an excellent way to get some marginal gains now, build toward greater gains in the future, and get to know who we are and what we offer in the process.

This is how it works:

1. Call us.
2. Describe a current problem.
3. We will send you a detailed outline containing one or more ways to re-vision or resolve the problem.
4. Pay us after your have seen our methods work.

That's right. You implement the solution. After you gain a savings from the solution, you pay us for the service. With this approach, you can now get help for as little as $100 per solution. Our methods literally pay for themselves.

We take the risk. You get the benefit.
We want to earn your trust. It's your call.


Now There’s An Equitable Way to Improve
Profit-Ability Before You Have Budget Approval!

We know how to apply the tools we offer. Use us until your company decides what tools it wants to buy. Of course, we are also available now with services that will save you even more money! Our workshops provide a great way to enroll management in the use and value of our services.

If we can be of any further use to you, please do not hesitate to give me a call—or…
You can send a description of your problem by E-mail, to:

Guidelines for What to Provide:
1. Let us know the best times and ways to reach you.
2. If this is an urgent problem, please let us know what constraints, or deadlines must be met.
3. If you need to speak to someone immediately, call 1.866.ASK.MCTS

An in-depth discussion may be necessary to develop appropriate long or short-term solutions. Now there’s a way to prove the cost-effectiveness of our services before you spend the money! So give us a problem to solve and how well we can earn you trust and confidence! Give us a call or send an email TODAY!!


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