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Finished Goods Production Strategies & Order Promising

OVERVIEW: This three-day class explores detailed applications and procedures relevant to master production scheduling for make-to-stock MRPII & JIT/TQC manufacturing environments. Build-to-Order strategies that limit the size and dollar investment of finished goods inventories in a JIT environment are also included as appropriate and vital planning strategies. Conceptual team-based simulations provided in this course focus on the methods and uses of Business Planning, Production Planning, Resource Capacity Planning functions and Demand Management.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: In this course we define "Make-to-Stock" as a finished goods strategy where a pre-defined or "fixed" Bill of Material (or Product Structure) already exists. These planning functions are simulated using participant examples wherever possible. Conference Room Pilot test data unique to your planning challenges can be used to "prove" the validity of techniques and methods and encourage participant involvement.

The Master Production Schedule (MPS) is a time-phased statement of commitment by a company to as given production schedule. Resource Capacity Planning helps to determine future loads on the factory, inventory investment, production, delivery time, and service. Production Planning, Business Planning and Customer Order Entry strategies are demand management tools used to offset a projected crisis presaged by MPS and Resource Capacity Planning.

"Available-to-Promise" planning logic is probably the most valuable aspect of MPS in relation to enhanced customer service and on-time delivery. Many people do not clearly understand its necessity as a tool for assuring that inventory is not "sold twice"!

Demand management strategies and techniques will be discussed and simulated allowing participants to develop first-hand experience in applied procedures. The use of production strategies and production planning functions will be discussed in detail. These functions allow schedulers to control production build rates independent of seasonal forecast requirements. A simulation of procedures often used to manage time-fences, performance measures, and implementation techniques will be emphasized.

WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE: This detail-oriented course is recommended for all project team members. It is designed specifically for both MPS & MRP schedulers and planners who need to understand the methods used to determine production schedules. It is suggested that all schedulers and planners be included in this class to assure more effective "closed-loop" communication and accountability that will help to assure the success of your implementation.

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