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Overcoming Resistance

Employee Resistance is a Symptom of a Need for Change...

It is not new technology that employees resist. It is usually the way that new technology is introduced that elicits reactions of resentment, fear and resistance.

New technology offers solutions to complex planning and scheduling problems. But it cannot cure the people problems created by poorly established lines of communication or inadequate preparation and planning.

1 Instead of solving problems in an organized and productive manner, people in general slip into the old problem of blaming each other as the "causes" of these conditions.

1 Attention needs to be focused on solving & resolving points of conflict through active and aggressive examination of the methods and systems used to manage people.

1 Particular causes of employee resistance need to be studied for valuable clues.

1 This resistance contains valuable information that is often overlooked.

At MCTS, we know the resistance itself is useful for determining what needs to be changed in each system. We will train your employees to investigate the resistance, identify the problem, and trace the problem back to its original source.

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