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Team Effectiveness...

An effective team must consistently answer and repeatedly question its continuing vision of:

1. What are we required to do?

2. What will it take?

3. What resources do we have?

4. What additional resources do we need?


Accountability, 2-Way Communication, & Fairness...

Clarity of Vision does not automatically produce tangible, correct and timely results. Effective logistics management requires full management accountability within each team. It must also be a sacred standard of the organization. Strategic 2-way communication is the only way to keep a team's vision tied to reality.

Mistakes are inevitable. Fairness is essential. A team's action either increases the integrity of its membership or the team eventually falls apart. Teams either build character, or destroy it.

Many groups like to call themselves teams because "teamwork" has become a marketing tool. Many "teams" lack a full understanding of what really matters for team effectiveness to continuously improve.

In many work environments today, this new market-driven packaging of "teams" cannot hide the true spirit of the group. Team Spirit is an essential key. Without individual initiative---The Collective Spirit of the Team---team effectiveness is impossible.

These workgroup "teams" will always revert to a hierarchy or a dictatorship. Individual initiative does not thrive under such conditions and the potential for profit goes into decline--in visible and invisible ways.


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