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Global Success

How to Transition from Factional Boundaries to Global, Shared Boundaries...

Machines can function well alone. People do not. People are relational. If no one is around, people will relate to their isolation in one way or another. Success is also relational. Global success is when everyone gains. Global success also requires a clear vision of:

1. What is to be done?
2. What it will take?
3. What resources are available?
4. What resources must be acquired?

Global success occurs when correct action, two-way communication, accountability and fairness all come together. And our shared vision is realized--without any individual losses.


eBook Topics: An Integrated Set of Useful Articles
How to Test and Fine-Tune Strategic and Tactical Plans so that Resources are Only Expended on Achievable Results.
Making and Keeping Promises that are Realistic and Achievable is a Vital Skill Needed at Every Organizational Level.
Available-To-Promise Inventory can be Strategically Projected Using the Tools of Master Scheduling by Aligning Production Plans and Sales Plans.
Projected Resource Constraints are used to Modify Production Schedules to Assure that Available-To-Promise Inventory will Meet Customer Demands.
Detailed Capacity and Material Plans become Actionable, Unanticipated Constraints are Communicated Immediately to the Scheduler.
When the Goal is Zero Inventory, the Method is JIT. Only Buy or Build to Match Real Orders. Inventory Backlog must be Zero as well!
TOC can be seen as Similar to JIT but has a much Wider Application. Once Identified, Constraints are Exploited until it is Aleviated.
Developing Effective Work Relationships is Essential when Communication is central to the Success of Management Metrics.
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