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Strategic Performance Measures: KPI's - Key Performance Indicators

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Performance Measurement is straightforward; you get what you measure, and you can't manage a process unless you can measure it. Measurement focuses attention on what is to be accomplished and compels organizations to concentrate time, resources and energy on achievement of objectives. Measurement provides feedback on progress toward objectives. If results differ from objectives, organizations can analyze the gaps in performance and make adjustments.


Key Principles of Performance Measurement

Performance Focus on the Customer
Performance A Few Meaningful Measures - Concentrate on What's Important;
Performance Use the Balanced Scorecard for Comprehensive View.

Determining What to Measure
Effective performance measures concentrate on a few vital, meaningful indicators that are economical, quantitative, and usable for the desired results. If there are too many measures, organizations may become too intent on measurement and lose focus on improving results. A guiding principle is to measure that which matters most.

Best Practices for Measured Success
The following strategies and values are critical to the success of a performance based management system:

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