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Client Feedback & Testimonials:

"...I experienced a big shift in my awareness of our company’s methods...I recognized not only the defects in product quality, but the processes that had created them."
Patrick Dawson, Product Mgr., Micro House International

"Able to grasp the reality of our training needs and offer insights into many of the universal problems inherent in small manufacturing environments…Steve’s style is confident, professional, and not rigid. He is engaging and encourages everyone’s participation without losing track of the myriad of complex issues"
Steve Tierra, CEO, TierraCast

"We were all very impressed with the training courses you conducted and, in particular, your presentation. Your patience and diligence are deeply appreciated and I believe that months have literally been taken off our implementation with your help and insight provided in the project team consulting sessions that you conducted for us. Quite enjoyed it, thanks!"
Phil Heenan, MRPII Project Leader, Beatrice Confectionery Group Australia

"...I wanted to formally thank you for an excellent presentation. You came highly recommended. The attention you put into assisting us in understanding how to take the theory into practice has certainly helped us understand our next phase much better..."
Walter E. Woods, MRPII Project Leader, Connaught Laboratories, Inc.

"...I have never employed a consultant with as much determination and drive as Steve. His ability to translate company goals and needs into productive action that is easy for others to follow is commendable..."
Richard Hardcastle, Consulting Manager, Computer Associates, Inc.

Excerpts from Training Course & Consulting Evaluations:

"Steve, you are a great trainer. You knew when we were ‘saturated’...you also knew when we were lost and would help us find our way back on track."

"...(you) were extremely thorough without being confusing...excellent teacher."

"This was the best technical course I have ever attended (and I’ve been to a lot of them!)..."

"...Fantastic with analogies, patient, good sense of humor, clarified procedures without making us feel stupid."

"Steve is an exceptional speaker whose ability to interject levity into his presentation is a real asset...I cannot say enough about Steve!"

"Mr. Williamson did an excellent job keeping us fresh and relating to the new insights we were gaining and the feelings we were experiencing..."

"Yours was the most worthwhile workshop I’ve attended in ages...you were the highlight of the conference..."

"Steve has helped us develop several innovative strategies to help motivate employees and build the momentum required for effective use of our new employee self management system...he has helped to improve many aspects of our methods and systems and continues to do an outstanding job..."

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