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Wasted Motion is Not Work...

You--individually, as a team, and as a company-- must get clear about what you believe and what you value---about yourself, other people, your work, and what it takes to fully embrace improvement as an on-going life-style.

It may be possible for you to get by with doing less, or get others to do your work for you--this is the old value of success. But, if you want that personal return on investment that can come from shared effort and shared achievement, well then, its time to take some risks and get proactive in your manner and methods!!

Mentorship again starts as the cornerstone of cooperative achievement. Then we will look at “Service” and “Management” and “Learning Organizations” and “Being Real” with each other. Then we look at “Integrity” and “Quality.” And last, but certainly not least, we need to look at “habits” we all carry, habits we all share. The way to prove the value of new habits, methods, and strategies in business is to show a profit! Activity-Based Costing (ABC) provides the missing platform to do just that--show the cause & effects of your good effort on the bottom line. And ABC can give such quick feedback of results that proving your point through action will never be simpler!!

Mentorship: What’s the Benefit?

Total Customer Service:
Forging the Ultimate Weapon
The Dilemma of Expansion & Growth

Reengineering Management
Chapter 2:
The Ordeal of Management

Shared-Vision vs. Blame-Games

The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization

Adapt or Die --- Effective Planning
What is Company Integrity?
Commit To Quality: A Blueprint for Quality
What is Employee Integrity?
Responsible Action & Proactive Management
Activity-Based Management & Hoshin Kanri: A World-Class Navigational System
7-Habits of Highly Effective People: The Seven Habits--An Overview

Keeping Promises...

Overcoming Resistance...
Turning Communication Into a System...
Identifying the Heart of What Really Matters...

ERP-MRP Evolution…
ERP & Hoshin Kanri…
ERP Implementations… 
Profit-Ability Improvement... (¬Click here to see definitions)
Profit-Ability Management Principles... (¬Click here to see definitions)

People, Empowerment & Profit-Ability… (¬Click here to access articles)
Hoshin Kanri & Deming's Plan-Do-Check-Act... (PDCA) Cycle…

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