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Is Your Organization Profitable?

In simple terms, Profit-Ability is the ability to Produce Profit. When the ratio of Return over Expenditure is Positive for any Business Unit, That business unit is said to be Profitable.

In simple terms, Empowerment exists when a person has the Ability and Authority to take Action, andis fully Accountable for the Results Produced by that Action.

Profit-Ability & Empowerment Strategies

Are the Best Way to:

Do this for every Product Sold, For every Service Delivered, Between each Internal Business Unit, for Every Customer. Employee Profit-Ability & Company Profitability Will Become One and The Same.
As one drives the other, even greater gains become possible!


Employee Profit-Ability increases when every employee correctly improves and evaluates the Profitability of their Skills, Habits, and Day-To-Day Strategies using Employee Self-Management strategies.

When employees are Empowered to directly understand, manage, and measure the profitability of their assigned functions, the Profit-Ability of each employee can dramatically improve.

Profitability depends on individual initiative; a willingness and opportunity to improve. When people can do this through shared vision, fairness, and concrete action, their success becomes a life-style and their gathering becomes a thriving community---in which continual improvement is a valued way of life.

What is Organizational Development?