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Employee Self-Management

~ Increasing Productivity and Profits ~

How people are inspired, empowered and rewarded for their ability to adapt to changing conditions is the means by which work objectives are achieved and/or revised. Profitably increases or decreases by how promises are kept, and how products or services are delivered. Organizational profitability is derived from the Profit-"Ability"of employees. If employees do not have a concrete means to change, align and improve their habits--the same means that is understood and utilized by management for the improvement of its own strategies--there will be breakdowns in communication. There will be distorted perceptions that compromise the vision of leadership. There will be wasted action and profitability will be compromised.

Can you imagine an individual, a team or work force,so absorbed with the continual improvement of products and servicesthat people throughout your company are telling you that getting paid feels like a bonus?A competent workforce knows how to manage change and increase company profits. If you are looking for ways to improve your lot in life through fairness, shared vision, and responsible action we have much to offer you. We train your key people to develop and improve the Profit-"Ability" skills of your entire workforce.

Employee Self-Management (ESM) is an integral part of achieving profitability using Profit-AbilityImprovement Strategies. It can be used to revolutionize any company's ability to deliver unique, high quality products that meet or exceed customer requirements at the lowest possible production cost.

Potential Gains & Advantages of ESM:

Gains Unity, respect, understanding, and integrity breed cooperation, innovation, self-respect, ingenuity, and a willingness to make improvements.

Gains Concrete methods for changing employee and management habits, behavior & perception makes lasting change and improvement a way of life.

Gains Productivity/profitability continuously improve when people receive appreciation and respect for what they give at work each day.

Gains Wasted action can be eliminated from any process when a person has a method for evaluating and changing the habits used to manage that process.

ESM Skills Development Workshops & Training

Employee Self-Management
Is the "Missing Link"
Overlooked in Many
Continual Improvement Systems.

Employee Self-Management:If ESM is to become a way of life in your company, the work ethic guiding the hearts and minds of your employees must embrace, address, and encourage the full participation of each individual. It is the individual skill and integrity of your employees that carries and maintains the integrity of the larger organization.

Using ESM

When the effectiveness and success of employee interventions increase the autonomy of your organization and its ability to self-improve, you will be operating in full alignment with your goals and principles. As we operate in service to you, we model this same work ethic for your employees, and we train them to better see and follow what matters to profitability, productivity, quality and efficiency.

~ Changing The Formal Rules of Hierarchy is the Only Way to Move Forward ~

"Self-Management, simply stated, is an organizational model wherein the traditional functions of a manager (planning, coordinating, controlling, staffing and directing) are pushed out to all participants in the organization instead of just to a select few. Each member of the organization is personally responsible for forging their own personal relationships, planning their own work, coordinating their actions with other members, acquiring requisite resources to accomplish their mission, and for taking corrective action with respect to other members when needed.

This manifests itself as a total absence of formal hierarchy. Formal hierarchy implies that there are those within the organization who have authority to direct the actions of others, and that there are others within the organization who have only limited authority. The principles of Self-Management acknowledge that those who would traditionally be viewed as the "employees" are, in fact, the ones who have the greatest insight into the management of their day-to-day functions and who are, further, in the best position to take immediate action when circumstances demand a response or a change in course. Those principles extend the rights and resources required to take action and make decisions out to those who are best suited to take action and make decisions rather than arbitrarily extending those rights to a select few individuals who we anoint with the title of 'manager'."