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ISO Compliant Documentation Strategies

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Documentation is the corner stone of effective communication within an organization. Company-wide documentation promotes clear communication between individuals and/or departments while clarifies roles and responsibilities of each employee, is the most effective tool to quickly training new employees, and, most importantly, is the best way to avert a crisis.

Effective Communication: Communication between individuals or departments is smoothest when it is clearly understood what each employee must GET (work) from another department or individual to DO the work that needs to be done, in order to GIVE it to another employee in the work cycle or to a customer. See GET-DO-GIVE.

Growth: As an organization grows, the need to clarify what the work is and how the work is done becomes more critical as new employees are added to handle the increased workload.

ISO Requirements & MCTS Documentation Advantages...

Crisis Management: When an organization documents what the work is and the methods necessary for completing the work, then anyone in an organization could "step up" to handle the work and avoid a crisis. This is on-the-job cross-training at its finest! Simple to understand & update, standardized documentation is the safety net organizations can rely on in a crisis to get the work done. Unfortunately, most organizations don't believe they need clear standards & methods of communication unless they are approaching an ISO certification project.

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